Retro Chic

Posted on by Deep Fried Advertising

With the popularity of Downton Abbey, coupled with the upcoming release of “The Great Gatsby,” the styles of the 1920’s are roaring back en vogue.  This trend is apparent in wedding dress designs recently shown at the Bridal Fashion Week shows in New York: streamlined dresses in silk satin, with ornate details. 

In keeping with the 1920’s aesthetic, a contrast from column dresses are very romantic flowers, loosely arranged in a garden-style manner.  The flowers featured on the Downton Abbey weddings showcased the romantic, voluminous arrangements of the period, echoing Constance Spry’s design aesthetic. Another period trend was ribbon detailing, as seen in the flowing ribbon treatment on Daisy Buchanan’s bouquet below. 


These floral designs can be modernized for the bride of today who wants to incorporate a Jazz Age theme into her big day.  Bouquets and containers can be embellished with ribbon that corresponds with the colors of the wedding.  Additionally, rather than a traditional round bouquet, cascading or modified cascading bouquets are other options that echo the period.  To achieve a modern garden-style look, arrangements should be lush and incorporate multiple types of foliage to add texture and dimension.

On a personal note, the 2011 wedding of Kate Moss is a favorite of mine and a great example of modern styling with ’20’s touches.  From the 1920’s inspired dress to the gathered, garden flowers, this wedding was a study in contrasts and in my opinion, just exquisite!