When Planning an Event…

Posted on by Deep Fried Advertising

Where did June go? Can’t believe it’s July already!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the cost of events.  I know when I got married, I had no idea about the cost of anything.  I mean, you look at beautiful images on Pinterest and think, “I can totally do this!”  Except, when you look at those pictures, no one tells you that sometimes they are just staged for a photoshoot and aren’t particularly practical.  Or, that even though a DIY project seems like a great idea in theory, the last thing you want to be thinking about is a giant project that has to be done at the last minute!  Trust me, as a past DIY bride, if you go that route, you will need a LOT of helping hands and an omnipresent cup of coffee!

Producing high quality events costs money.  Essentially, when hiring event professionals, clients pay for conceptualization, hard goods, design/execution, and strike.  Time and labor are important elements in the equation!  Additionally, with floral design, one has to factor in the cost of the perishable product, the flowers.  I look at flowers as a commodity, with a just-in-time delivery; they are most often coming from California, South America, or Europe.  Globally, the principles of supply and demand hold true for flowers– weather conditions, freight costs, and seasonality/holidays affect the overall pricing of product.  Clients have to bear in mind that they are not just paying for the actual flower, but also the logistics behind getting that flower to the event! 

I think it helps to be upfront with clients and explain pricing.  Information and education are key to managing expectations and working within a budget.  The decision to hire an event professional means entrusting someone with your vision.  It also means that the designer will ensure that your event will be seamlessly executed.  Enjoy the occasion– leave the details to those behind the scenes!

 Happy Planning!