Summer Wedding Flowers

Posted on by Deep Fried Advertising

Those of us in New Orleans know that between the heat and humidity, the temperatures just keep rising in the summer months!  When planning a summer wedding, it is important to consider the elements as you choose your flowers.  

 A note on seasonal blooms:

Choose seasonal blooms if possible…there’s a reason these little guys bloom in the summer!  While many varieties of flowers are available year-round, they often come from around the world, meaning that their growing environment can be vastly different than 90+ degree summer temperatures we experience here.  When discussing event flowers with your floral designer, request seasonal blooms and blooms with hardy stems/petals.  

 Location, location, location:

Is your event taking place indoors?  If so, you will have more flexibility with your flowers and designs.  However, if there is an outdoor component for your summer wedding, it is best that your flowers be designed in water.  Many popular compote and elevated designs are achieved using floral foam; using this technique, there may not be enough water reserve for the flowers to stay hydrated for the duration of the event.  Happy flowers=hydrated flowers!

Flowers that are beautiful all summer long and stand up to heat include: roses, sunflowers, celosia, zinnia, dahlias, oriental lilies, and orchids.  All of these varieties lend themselves perfectly to the look and feel of garden style designs- in fact, you will probably see a number of these flowers growing in the gardens of New Orleans!