Natural Containers

Posted on by Deep Fried Advertising

I hope Mother’s Day 2013 was wonderful for everyone!  I had the opportunity to create several arrangements for some very supportive Mothers and Grandmothers in my life. Each design was unique, created specifically for each person and reflected individual personalities and preferences.  I utilized two variations of roses, spray roses, waxflower, viburnum, stock, and salal.  

Designing with the leftover roses and waxflower, I was able to test a container idea using pieces of a locally sourced vine.  I was introduced to the concept of a “natural container” while in Paris.  Upon touring a flower shop near the Eiffel Tower, I was taken by the organic look of the arrangements; it seemed as though the flowers were literally growing out of the container!  This idea/style was reaffirmed and expanded over my time in DC as well.  I find that the natural container enhances floral designs beautifully by providing a textural accent that extends beyond the flowers.  Each container is embellished by hand, introducing a “couture” element to the overall floral design.