Transitioning to Fall

Posted on by Deep Fried Advertising

So here we are…the calendar says it’s fall, yet the weather here in South Louisiana dictates that it’s still summer!  It’s one of my favorite times of year, where the flowers are slowly transitioning.  I love it when hydrangeas are left to antique on the bush in late summer and a myriad of colors are visible on the petals.

We recently had last minute guests at our house and my husband picked up the most gorgeous antique hydrangeas while he was out.  Can you believe that there are just three heads of hydrangea in this arrangement?!  The dominant colors of the flowers are red and green, but there is a bit of blue (surprise!) as well on the underside of the heads.  Recently, I did a natural container in a swirling pattern and allowed it to dry.  The swirling and and the sage green color accented the hydrangeas beautifully. 

This type of arrangement works beautifully as a buffet piece, given the (over)size of the hydrangeas.  What is striking is the simplicity of the flowers and stark willow, contrasted with the intricate container.  Added bonus: this variety of hydrangea dries beautifully, with the color and volume staying intact!





Happy Fall, Y’all!